Just a few random lines for myself -before I forget:)
Need to write it down as I once again got a chance called India. A chance to pause and look at my life. In the wonderful chaos that India is, I get to stop and relax; get to take a closer look at my life. I get to fully focus on my practice and I get wise advice from teachers that come to my path in different forms.

As always, I am super grateful for having a thing like yoga in my life. I am pretty serious about it; I dedicate a lot of time and effort to my practice. I usually get up at around 4.30 to get ready to head down to the shala where I practice and do my 2h practice before heading to office for work.
Practice time in India is amazing, because I obviously don't need to rush to the office. I have more time for my practice and I feel like I get to a deeper level with it.
However it doesn't matter if I practice in India or at home, I just feel like I always get so much clarity to my life through yoga and it offers an amazing approach to self-discovery. I wish every single person on earth would find a thing that they wanna commit to; the thing that brings them clarity and offers them a chance to grow as a human being. My yoga practice is a relatively demanding workout physically speaking, but the aim is purely mental; spiritual.
A couple of blurry (zero f*cks given) images so you get the point - so I remember what I need to remember; stick to it, because it keeps you sane!:)


"Relax, because nothing is under control". has been my lesson lately. I've learnt that relax, because anything, really anything, can happen! It's better try to live with no expectations and without too rigid plans:) My plan was to stay in India for a couple of months longer, but as I randomly got an interesting job offer in Finland, I booked a flight to Helsinki. I found it sad to say goodbye to my teacher and the yoga family, but felt also excited about the new phase of life ahead. At the airport however I found out I couldn't board on the flight. I had overstayed beyond my visa in India!
As a Finnish passport holder I am entitled to a six months tourist visa in India. For my previous trips to India I have applied for the visa from Finland, but this time I applied from Spain. Spanish passport holders apparently only get three months, but it did not even cross my mind they would only grant three months to my Finnish passport (their mistake). I was just blindly looking at the expiry date, which is April 9th -totally ignoring the tiny print stating: "each stay not to exceed 90 days"...

So from Mangalore airport, where I was about to board on my intended flight (which would have taken me to Helsinki on time to start at the new job...) began an epic, if not even kafkaesque adventure... Super kind and generous, totally random Indian people trying to help me, police officer shouting at me for 'violating the visa', 8-hour bus ride from Mangalore to Bangalore, applying for the 'exit permit' from the Indian immigration authorities (spending a day at the immigration office), booking and catching a new flight and finally arriving to Finland, catching a cab from the airport directly to the new work place 1, 5 days late!

Fortunately the people at the new job were very sweet and understanding. 
This crazy adventure taught me so much! I was humbled to the core by random and not so random people's help and support. I'm sooooo inspired now to try to do my best being generous and helping others whatever way I can. I don't wanna become too cynical and lose my hope in humanity, in fellow human beings. And: generosity is beautiful and makes anyone look good:) 

I am in front of something new again. New job, new challenges... I am still "arriving" to Finland, getting settled and used to everything here. It's a huge change to mind, body and soul so I wanna take it one breath at a time, slowly adjusting to my new life here. Big thanks to you lovely readers! It's been a pleasure sharing this journey with you! Love and shanti forever!
I have a feeling that a new trip is already getting ready to call my name so maybe I get back here soon again:)


Happy New Year to each and every living being! Be healthy and happy in 2017!
I've been busy with studying and traveling. I'm back to the regular routine now after a lovely mini-holiday in Gokarna.

For Hindus Gokarna is a destination for pilgrimage. It's the Varanasi of South India maybe.. The beautiful beaches have attracted Western tourists in the past few years though. Most of the visitors are still Indians anyway. I consider my trip there as a sort of a pilgrimage too since I have quite a religious relationship with the Ocean:)

India is such a beautiful country. It's pretty magical to just sit on a train enjoying the scenery. Green, lush nature (coconut palm trees everywhere here in the south) and gorgeous beaches, so much shore line!
And I just love Indian temples and the fact that the gods are everywhere. Religion really is an interwoven part of life here.

I'm getting excited about the new year, new beginnings, new energy! It's time to say thanks and goodbye to the past year and warmly welcome the new one! I feel happy and grateful being able to begin the year here, at a place that is so meaningful to me, doing something I am so passionate about. Bring it on 2017 - I know you'll be good! 


And just like that I'm in a whole different reality, completely different world. 
In the tropical heat+humidity of South India.
On my way here I stopped by in Rome sweet Rome to visit my lovely friends Linda e Tommaso. I had the best time in cittá eterna -thanks to my generous hosts. Love you guys!
The morning I left, a strong earthquake shook the city. I took it as a sign to leave Europe;) Seriously though we were amongst the lucky ones since many people lost their homes that morning. Pray for Roma...
It feels good to be back to India although I'm down with a flu, so still slowly adjusting and getting used to the yoga reality. Getting back to the routine here: asana practice before dawn, yoga philosophy and chanting, puja at the temple etc. I've been also just resting, sleeping and reading Bhagavad Gita as the traveling and the flu have taken their toll on my body+mind. My teacher and his family are some of the kindest people I know so us students are being taken care of very well (e.g. we're getting the most delicious nurturing home made South Indian food). 

Gotta love the unique way in which India inspires and nourishes one's spirituality. Not exactly sure why, but it's just somehow easier here to turn your gaze within and focus on what's really important... Obviously this sattvic environment, teacher's guidance and conversations with fellow yogis help too.. Feeling grateful about being here! 


So it is happening!
I am going 'away to Asia' again:) This time it's probably only India and very much just yoga, the sweet love of my life. Needless to say I'm beyond excited! And I thought I'd be happy to share my journey again with anyone interested!
Since my farewell to Sydney, I've been living in Andalucia, Southern part of Spain. Ending up here after Asia+Australia as opposed to Finland was worth it!

Living by the sea in warm climate has been beautiful. There's something so magical, special and amazing to the sea. I just lovelovelove sea, ocean, water... I feel like that's where my heart+soul belong to.

"But in a way you can say that after leaving the sea, after all those millions of years of living inside of the sea, we took the ocean with us.
When a woman makes a baby, she gives it water, inside her body, to grow in. That water inside her body is almost exactly the same as the water of the sea. It is salty, by just the same amount. She makes a little ocean, in her body.
And not only this. Our blood and our sweating, they are both salty, almost exactly like water from the sea is salty. We carry oceans inside of us, in our blood and our sweat. And we are crying the oceans, in our tears."
-Gregory David Roberts: Shantaram

The past 2,5 years have been full of ups and downs, (long) working hours at a call center, studying Spanish, seeing beautiful places, meeting lovely people, eating delicious food, dancing (well trying to learn) sevillanas, surfing whenever there are waves (many trips to Portugal), hiking when there are no waves. I've grown to love mountains nearly as much as I love the sea.

I've been putting a lot of effort on my daily asana practice. Only to realize once again (through trial and error) that yoga is an internal practice...
I have also had the honor to assist my teacher in mysore classes and to teach some lovely yogis. It's been a privilege to share this beautiful tradition with others.

'The real' yoga however has again obviously taken place off the mat...  My job as well as countless other valuable life lessons here in Spain have humbled me so much and reminded me on a daily basis that I'm many lives away from enlightenment:)
Excited to see now where this journey called life takes me next!


Things don't always go as planned... But letting go is a great lesson -letting go of your plans and dreams and making space for new ones. 
I guess I'm still learning to let go as well as learning to trust that new opportunities will present themselves, when time and circumstances are right...
Meanwhile however I'm enjoying my time in this beautiful city:
But not for long anymore! I never planned to travel this long (almost nine months as opposed to four!) and Australia wasn't even supposed to happen on this trip. Once I "ended up" here though, I just wanted to stick around! Needless to say I simply love this place! Turns out however that it's time for me to go, it's time for new opportunities..
Although reluctant to go, I'm very much looking forward to catching up with my friends + family back home!

Thank you Sydney, thanks New South Wales and Queensland! It's been fantastic!

A few last photos from my beloved Brissie! The gorgeous New Farm park, Story Bridge by night, and the King George's square:

I'd like to thank you lovely readers! Your comments have been the best! Thanks for reading, commenting and through other ways letting me know what you think! If it wasn't for you, I may have not kept on writing. And who knows, maybe I'll get back here again one day, if divine inspiration falls upon me or something....
Heaps (as we say here in Oz:) of thanks+love to you all and namaste!


"What do I like? What do I love? What makes me happy? What do I need for balance? What are my strengths? Can I rely upon myself? What are my weaknesses? Why do I do the things I do? What makes me need the attention and approval of others? Am I strong enough to be close to another person and still honor my own emotional needs? -- We don't easily pursue these questions of self-exploration because we know the answers will require us to change our lives." 
-Carolyn Myss: Anatomy of Spirit
Here are a few photos of my time here in Australia. Can't believe it's been nearly 3 months!

The lovely hall at the retreat center where I volunteered. It was perfect for my yoga practice...
Las Turistas at Stradbroke Island

Las Turistas at a gelateria
Mt. Warning, NSW

Beautiful Byron Bay
Moffat Beach, Sunshine Coast

Got a chance to see ASP World Tour at Gold Coast. There somewhere goes Kelly...
Spent the last week at a beautiful Buddhist Center up north of Brisbane. Instead of turning into a Buddhist nerd, I turned into a neuroscience nerd (a wannabe one anyway). I read Daniel Goleman's "Social Intelligence" which gives you a fascinating neuroscience explanation about our social behavior, emotions etc. A great read! As for now...  I'm expecting to have some answers next week concerning my near future... So will hopefully know soon what next... Ommm shanti until then!