It's been a while... First of all, the panchakarma treatment was an amazing (pretty intense...) experience! My practice feels a lot lighter now and there's a certain lightness to my mind too.. The place was surrounded by absolutely gorgeous nature, which brought in its own share of healing energies.

In addition to the lovely treatments and amazing nurturing food in the "chikitsalaya", I had plenty of time to read. And there was a beautiful common space for practicing yoga and meditating.
Of all the books that I read, there were three in particular that inspired me the most. I very much enjoyed Iyengar's commentary on the yoga sutras. I also really liked "The Tibetan book of living and dying".

Finally I loved Dalai Lama's "How to be compassionate". It's a short, but wonderful book, and I think it should be a mandatory read in every school! To quote Dalai Lama: "After all, all human beings are the same - made of human flesh, bones, and blood. We all want happiness and want to avoid suffering. Further, we have an equal right to be happy. In other words, it is important to realize our sameness as human beings."

After the panchakarma it was time for me to leave Mother India! Time passed so quickly!!

I had a fun few days in Singapore (thanks again, Michael) exploring new areas like Pulau Ubin (beautiful, green and lush!) and now I'm here in Brisbane, East Coast of Australia! Strange to be in a Western country after Sri Lanka and India, and super random as well, since this wasn't exactly on my itinerary.. However I like it a lot so far! Nature here is beeeeautiful and people are very kind. I've been staying with my yoga mate here in Brisbane and seeing my lovely Finnish friend Eeva. Next week I'll head off to countryside to volunteer at a retreat center. Fingers crossed for my new career!:)