So it is happening!
I am going 'away to Asia' again:) This time it's probably only India and very much just yoga, the sweet love of my life. Needless to say I'm beyond excited! And I thought I'd be happy to share my journey again with anyone interested!
Since my farewell to Sydney, I've been living in Andalucia, Southern part of Spain. Ending up here after Asia+Australia as opposed to Finland was worth it!

Living by the sea in warm climate has been beautiful. There's something so magical, special and amazing to the sea. I just lovelovelove sea, ocean, water... I feel like that's where my heart+soul belong to.

"But in a way you can say that after leaving the sea, after all those millions of years of living inside of the sea, we took the ocean with us.
When a woman makes a baby, she gives it water, inside her body, to grow in. That water inside her body is almost exactly the same as the water of the sea. It is salty, by just the same amount. She makes a little ocean, in her body.
And not only this. Our blood and our sweating, they are both salty, almost exactly like water from the sea is salty. We carry oceans inside of us, in our blood and our sweat. And we are crying the oceans, in our tears."
-Gregory David Roberts: Shantaram

The past 2,5 years have been full of ups and downs, (long) working hours at a call center, studying Spanish, seeing beautiful places, meeting lovely people, eating delicious food, dancing (well trying to learn) sevillanas, surfing whenever there are waves (many trips to Portugal), hiking when there are no waves. I've grown to love mountains nearly as much as I love the sea.

I've been putting a lot of effort on my daily asana practice. Only to realize once again (through trial and error) that yoga is an internal practice...
I have also had the honor to assist my teacher in mysore classes and to teach some lovely yogis. It's been a privilege to share this beautiful tradition with others.

'The real' yoga however has again obviously taken place off the mat...  My job as well as countless other valuable life lessons here in Spain have humbled me so much and reminded me on a daily basis that I'm many lives away from enlightenment:)
Excited to see now where this journey called life takes me next!