Happy New Year to each and every living being! Be healthy and happy in 2017!
I've been busy with studying and traveling. I'm back to the regular routine now after a lovely mini-holiday in Gokarna.

For Hindus Gokarna is a destination for pilgrimage. It's the Varanasi of South India maybe.. The beautiful beaches have attracted Western tourists in the past few years though. Most of the visitors are still Indians anyway. I consider my trip there as a sort of a pilgrimage too since I have quite a religious relationship with the Ocean:)

India is such a beautiful country. It's pretty magical to just sit on a train enjoying the scenery. Green, lush nature (coconut palm trees everywhere here in the south) and gorgeous beaches, so much shore line!
And I just love Indian temples and the fact that the gods are everywhere. Religion really is an interwoven part of life here.

I'm getting excited about the new year, new beginnings, new energy! It's time to say thanks and goodbye to the past year and warmly welcome the new one! I feel happy and grateful being able to begin the year here, at a place that is so meaningful to me, doing something I am so passionate about. Bring it on 2017 - I know you'll be good!